BSNL JE TTA Old Question Papers Download PDF

BSNL JE TTA Previous Year Question Papers can contain the questions from the questions that have been part of BSNL paper already. You can download BSNL Junior Engineer TTA papers from below table. Practicing the old papers will always help you to have confidence and better concept clarity in the exam. Once you are prepared with the syllabus you can download the question papers and practice them to increase your knowledge.

BSNL TTA Old Question Papers for all sets are given below so that you can have the proper study material for the exam. It is important to get the several topics prepared which can help you fetch good marks in the exam. Preparing for government paper is never difficult it just requires the high quality of study. For BSNL paper, you can solve the below questions and check the answers from the files given below.

Q1: A Zener diode is

  1. Forward biased heavily doped silicon p-n junction
  2. Reversed biased heavily doped silicon p-n junction
  3. Forward biased doped operating at breakdown point
  4. Is used as rectifying device

Q2: Which of the following statements is regard to Directories is false?

  1. Directories can exist inside directories
  2. The most directory is always at highest level
  3. Directories with files can be deleted
  4. Directories cannot be renamed

Q3: Pick up wrong statement

  1. A group of interconnected individual components known as circuit elements is called a network
  2. A humped network is an arrangement of physically separate resistors, inductors and capacitors
  3. Distributed network is one, which the resistive, inductive and capacitive effects are inseparable for network analyses
  4. A branch is network having four elements

Q4: Which of the one following is not a normal form rule with regards to the relational model?

  1. All fields within a table must relate to or describe the primary key.
  2. Repeating groups must be eliminated from tables
  3. Fields that can contain non- numeric data are to be removed and placed within their own tables with an associated primary key
  4. Redundant data is to be eliminated by placing the offending fields in another table



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