Boats & Streams Aptitude Questions With Answers Download

Boats & Streams Aptitude Questions

Boats and streams topic occupies considerable amount of questions and marks in most of the competitive exams. If you are going to attend any baking or competitive exam then you must have to prepare well in this topic. Boats & Streams topic have some simple concepts following which you can score exceptionally well in the well. The boats and streams concept depends mainly on two concepts. That is downstream and upstream.

  • Downstream – In water, the direction along the stream is called as downstream.
  • Upstream – In water, the direction against the stream is called as upstream.

Boats & Stream Formulas & Tricks

Important formulas and facts based on Boats & Streams are given below as per which you can solve the questions based on them a little more efficiently.

  • If the speed of a boat in still water is u km / hr and the speed of the stream are v km / hr then
  • The formula for speed downstream is (u + v) km / hr
  • The formula for speed upstream is (u – v) km / hr
  • If the speed downstream is a km / hr and the speed upstream is b km / hr then,
  • Speed in still water = ½ (a + b) km / hr
  • Rate of stream = ½ (a – b) km / hr

These type of problems are based on four things-

  • First thing: The speed of water or stream that denoted by v km /hr
  • Second thing: Speed of boat or boatman in calm water which we denoted by u km / hr
  • Third thing: Whether the direction is along the boat the downstream
  • Fourth thing: Whether the direction is against the boat the upstream

Likewise, there are some more concepts based on which boats & streams questions are solved. Once you are clear with basics, you should practice questions of all level and yourself well prepared for exam.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Shortcuts & Formulas

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