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BITSAT entrance test for the admission is being conducted and is given by many thousands of candidates every year. they all need to prepare at the best level for the exam. BITSAT Sample papers are provided which will help to practice more for the exam. Better is the preparations and are on time, more time you get to practice for the exam. BITSAT Sample/ Model papers Download and practice them at best level to beat the competition besides you.

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Following are some sample questions for the BITSAT Entrance exam which have been part of BITSAT exam once before.

Q1: What is inverse of diagonal matrix-

  1. Symmetric
  2. Diagonal
  3. Skew Symmetric
  4. None of These

Q2: Which if the following statements regarding hydrogen peroxide is false?

  1. It is strong oxidizing agent
  2. It is decomposed by MnO2
  3. It behaves as reducing agent
  4. It is more stable in basic solution

Q3: Diamond is used in glass cutting due to its-

  1. High metallic bonding
  2. Extreme hardness
  3. High metallic Bonding
  4. High refractive Index

Q4: The potentiometer consists of wire of length 4m and resistance 10 ohm. It is connected to a cell of emf 2 V and potential Difference per unit length will be-

  1. 10 V/ m
  2. 5 V/ m
  3. 5 V/m
  4. 2 V/ m

Q5: The optical length of an astronomical telescope with magnifying power of 10, for normal vision is 44 cm. What is focal length of objective?

  1. 4 cm
  2. 40 cm
  3. 440 cm
  4. 44 cm

Q6: isotopes have-

  1. Same no. of neutrons
  2. Same no. of positrons
  3. Same no. of protons
  4. Same no. of nucleus

Q7: if cov (x, y)= 0, then 2 lines of regression are-

  1. Parallel
  2. Coincident
  3. At right angles
  4. None of above
Paper  1 Solution 1 Paper 2 Solution 2
Paper  3 Solution 3 Paper 4 Solution 4
Paper  5 Solution 5 Paper 6 Solution 6
Paper  7 Solution 7 Paper 8 Solution 8
Paper  9 Solution 9 Paper 10 Solution 10
Paper  11 Solution 11 Paper 12 Solution 12
Paper  13 Solution 13

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