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BITSAT Preparation is the first and foremost step which strike when the applicant thinks of getting into the BITS Pilani. BITSAT contains the questions from the course of class 11 & 12. So, the candidates need to make it a point to prepare for BITSAT in best possible way. Often students confuse on point from “Where to Start”, this can be done as per you weakness in particular subject. For example-

If your skills lack in Physics, get over physics and grab the full expertise from the books. Practice more and more questions so as to get the concepts on tips.

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Check out the Topic wise weightage in the exam for the subjects. This will help you to prepare in the more scoring way. Better weightage sections are to be prepared so that the scoring part of paper are done in correct way. Make a proper schedule to study all the topics as are mentioned below-


  • Inorganic Chemistry- I: 5%
  • Inorganic Chemistry- II: 15%
  • Physical Chemistry- I: 25%
  • Physical Chemistry- II: 20%
  • Organic Chemistry- I: 12.5%
  • Organic Chemistry- II: 22.5%


  • Vocabulary (Synonyms & Antonyms): 20%
  • Comprehension: 40%
  • Collective Nouns: 20%
  • Grammar: 20%


  • Electricity & Magnetism: 37.5%
  • Heat: 10%
  • SHM & Waves: 10%
  • Mechanics: 22.5%
  • Modern Physics: 10%
  • Optics: 10%


  • Sequence & Series: 13%
  • Inverse Trigonometry: 2%
  • Limits & Differential Coefficient: 4%
  • Statistics: 2%
  • Binomial Theorem: 4%
  • Sets: 4%
  • Permutations & Combinations: 7%
  • Parabola: 4%
  • Triangles: 2%
  • Trigonometry: 8%
  • Probability: 4%
  • Matrices: 7%
  • Derivatives: 16%
  • Complex Nos.:2%
  • Circles: 9%
  • Straight Lines: 4%
  • Continuity & Differentiability: 4%
  • Theory of Equation: 4%

As per the analysis given above, prepare for the exam and stay Positive that YOU can do it. As the concepts are cleared, you will surely crack the exam with best scores. Stay focused and Study well for the exam.

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  1. What is Physical chemistry I and Physical chemisty II

    1. Hi Shubh,
      Please study all the syllabus of Chemistry- Physical Chemistry I & II has no segregated topics in it.

  2. I have the same query too. Does physicla chem I mean class 11th chem and II means 12th?

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