Bihar Intermediate/12th Political Science Sample Question Papers Download

BSEB 12th Political Science Model Question Papers are the source of preparation for exam in a much better way by knowing the type of questions which are actually asked in exam. Bihar Board Class 12 Political Science Sample papers are the copy of question paper which is actually asked in board exam every year. So, you can have the idea of how the paper will look like this year also.

Q1: Which party has formed the government in Bihar after the assembly election in 2015?

  1. Janta Dal (U)
  2. Rashtriya Jantal Dal
  3. Congress
  4. All of them

Q2: The financial year in India is:

  1. 1st January to 31st December
  2. 1st July to 30th June
  3. 1st April to 31st March
  4. 1st September to 31st August

Q3: Which commission has been formed after dissolution of Planning Commission?

  1. NITI Ayog
  2. Finance Commission
  3. State Finance Commission
  4. None of these

Q4: Which if the following incidents happened on 11th September 2001?

  1. Terrorist attack on Indian Parliament
  2. Terrorist attack on Hotel Taj
  3. Terrorist attack on World Trade Centre
  4. None of these

Q5: What is the Mac Mohan Line?

  1. A boundary line in between India and Pakistan
  2. A boundary line in between China and Pakistan
  3. A boundary line in between India and China
  4. None of these

You can check the answers to above questions from the file given below and it will also contain the questions of different type i.e. objective & subjective both. Practice them and evaluate yourself to know your mistakes. Make yourself better with every mistake you have done. Likewise for all the other subjects’ study material you can subscribe us for the notifications and follow us on social media. For any kind of query, please write to us in comment section.

Paper 1

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