BSEB Class 12 Philosophy Sample Question Paper Intermediate Model Papers

Bihar Board Senior Secondary Philosophy Model Question papers are given below which you should practice for the exam in order to become more efficient to score maximum in exam. Normally, in board papers the questions are asked from the core topics of the subject. The students have to focus on each and every topic for the subject. Some sample questions from Philosophy are given below which you can practice to evaluate yourself.

Q1: According to advaita Vedanta the world is-

  1. Empirical reality
  2. Apparent reality
  3. Absolute reality
  4. All of these

Q2: ‘Objects are Independent from the knower’ this thought is:

  1. Idealism
  2. Realism
  3. Rationalism
  4. None of these

Q3: Svadharm is actually related to-

  1. Apata Dharma
  2. Varnasharma Dharma
  3. Samanya Dharma
  4. None of these

Q4: In which noble truth is ‘Pratityasamutpada’-

  1. First noble truth
  2. Second noble truth
  3. Third noble truth
  4. Fourth noble truth

Q5: To which of the following philosophical schools Nyaya, Samkhya and yoga belongs to:

  1. Heterodox
  2. Orthodox
  3. Both a and b
  4. None of these

Q6: ‘Knowledge is a synthetic judgement a priori’ says:

  1. Descartes
  2. Kant
  3. Hume
  4. None of these

Check out the answers to all the questions given above and you can learn from your mistakes. The Sample question papers always help you to get better for the board exams. Stay connected with us for all the board papers study material and the competitive exam papers. You can follow us on social media to get all the updates on your id then. Still for any kind of solution and clarification you can write to us in comment section below.

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