Bihar Class 12 Economics Model Questions With Answers Download

Bihar Board 12th Economics Model Papers are important while you need to practice different type of questions before exam. The students of class 12 have to prepare each and every subject so that you are able to maintain your percentile in the board class. BSEB senior secondary Economics sample papers will let you know the type of questions which are asked in the board exam. You all should practice and prepare well before the exam. Some mock questions for economics can be checked from below.

Q1: How can a country trade (Economic exchange) with other countries-

  1. Through import
  2. Through export
  3. Through flow of foreign capital
  4. All of these

Q2: A firm’s value-added is-

  1. Value of firm’s output price – intermediate goods
  2. Value of firm’s output – depreciation
  3. Firm’s net contribution to output
  4. Both A & C

Q3: In economics the literal meaning of “ceteris paribus” is-

  1. All things remaining the same
  2. All other things remaining the same
  3. Keeping the value of all variable other than the focused variable constant
  4. Both B & C

Q4: According to “Paradox of thrift”-

  1. A rise in marginal propensity to save in an economy leads to decline in aggregate income
  2. Saving can make a person rich but can make society poor
  3. There is no paradox between individual saving and aggregate saving
  4. Only A & B

The answers to all the questions given above can be checked from the PDF files given below. Also, you can practice more questions to become more confident for exam. Also, subscribe us to get the notifications from and get the study material for respective exams. For any kind of queries, you can let us know in comment section.

Paper 1

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