Bihar 12th Business Studies Model Question Papers Intermediate Study Material

Bihar board 12th Business Studies Model Question Papers are given here which can be used as a study material for the exam preparations. The students of Class 12 Bihar Board should make sure that they are studying as per the prescribed syllabus from Bihar Board. The proper books should be followed for the study of each topic. There are both Objective & non- objective questions asked in the exam which are formed from the syllabus topics of the subject. Some questions from objective section are given below.

Q1: Management has social responsibility towards whom?

  1. Society as a whole
  2. Employees
  3. The Government
  4. Organisation

Q2: The Principle of ‘Span of Control’ was propounded by:

  1. Henry Fayol
  2. Elton Mayo
  3. W. Taylor
  4. None of these

Q3: Enterpreneurship is related to-

  1. Starting A New Project
  2. Research And Development
  3. Renovation Of An Existing Project
  4. All Of These

Q4: The objective of Management Audit is to check the performance of-

  1. Company
  2. Management
  3. Shareholders
  4. Consumers

Q5: Consumer dispute settlement agencies are-

  1. District forum
  2. State Commission
  3. National commission
  4. All the above

Q6: Human Resource Management includes-

  1. Recruitment
  2. Selection
  3. Training
  4. All of these

The answers to above questions can be checked from the PDF file given below. There are several other such questions in the files so that you can practice them before the board exam. For all the Board Class 12 subjects you can refer the study material from this website and make yourself much confident for the exam. You can subscribe us to get all the notifications for the competitive as well as board exams. If you face any kind of issue on the website you can let us know in the comment section below.

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