BSEB Intermediate Home Science Question Papers Class 12 Model Papers

Bihar Board 12th Home Science question papers will help you to become prepared for the exam in a much better way. The sample question papers for any subject of board exam helps you to become more confident about the exam. Some students have board exam fear which can be removed if you face the board exam sample papers beforehand and you have clear image in your mind. Secondly, if you are prepared for the exam you need to have any kind of fear in exam. There are different objective & subjective questions in exam which have to be answered in exam and it is made sure that they all are from the syllabus topics.

Q1: Adulteration does not mean?

  1. Selling duplicate as real
  2. Selling stale things as fresh
  3. Selling more than the asked quantity
  4. Selling with wrong label

Q2: Which of these is a reason for food preservation?

  1. Increasing nutritive value
  2. Variety in daily diet
  3. Saving food from spoilage
  4. All the above

Q3: Which of the following is included is the modern list of basic needs-

  1. Shelter
  2. education
  3. food
  4. clothing

Q4: Which of the following kitchen item does not require every day cleaning?

  1. net of doors/windows
  2. slab
  3. dustbins
  4. duster

Q5: Which of these is a cause of soil pollution-

  1. deforestation
  2. agricultural activities
  3. rubbish
  4. All the above

These BSEB senior secondary Home science model questions can be self evaluated by checking the answers to these from below PDF files. For all other subjects too you can check the sample question papers from this website and stay connected with us for all the updates. For any kind of help you can write down in comment section and we will help you with best of solutions.

Paper 1

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