Vb.Net Books By Indian Authors Top List to Learn Visual Basic

Best Books for VB.NET

Visual Basic (VB) is a third generation object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft in which aVB.Net Best Books Free programmer uses a graphical user interface. It has a simple format and very easy to understand. Visual Basic is the starting point in software development. In the graphical programming environment, Visual Basic was the first product and first released by the Microsoft company in 1991. It is essential to learn VB, as it is considered as one of the dominant programming languages and easy to understand, but for learning it a complete dedication and determination is a must. It permits programmers in the creation of software interface and codes, easy access to databases and it also enables the programmers to develop their skills at other languages.

For the learners who are well dedicated and devoted to learning VB, there is a long list of books through which they can enrich their knowledge and get expertise.

VB.Net Best Books For Beginners

  • Sam Teach Yourself Visual Basic
  • Beginning Visual Basic: It contains lots of practice exercises about Visual Basic Coding environment.
  • Visual Basic in Easy Steps by Mike McGrath’s is one of the latest new collection and helps how to create the simple steps for making simple macros for Microsoft Word and Excel together with manipulation of data files and local database using the script of VB.
  • Murach’s Visual Basic: This book is a detailed guide having all the resources and easy to read as written in simple language. It avoids complicated topics and considered as an excellent book for learning.
  • Excel VBA Programming for Dummies: For data management, Excel is widely known as it supports many programmable features that are developed by Visual Basic developers. Each chapter explains the basics of VB, and it’s the relation with the Excel. From this debugging and code rewriting can also be done.
  • Learning Visual Basic.Net
  • Net Language Pocket Reference: It is a smaller book consisting of 144 pages as well it is cheap and best.
  • Net Core Classes in a Nutshell: The writing style of this book is clean and very easy to understand. In this book, networking is also covered in detail.
  • The Visual Basic Net Programming Language: This book is one of the most comprehensive guides.
  • Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Professional Visual Studio: It is a complete guide with many features and techniques. This book is the introductory book to learn mastery over Visual Studio.
  • Learn Visual Basic in 24 hours
  • Visual Basic Programming by Stephans
  • Mastering Visual Basic

When learners will follow each chapter of books thoroughly and make the notes together with the lots of practical sessions, then surely aspirants or learners will get expertise and knowledge in Visual Basic.  There are many useful guides also available for learning the visual basic program. Aspirants can smoothly go through it for a better and clear understanding of concepts.

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