Top List of Books To Learn Russian Language PDF

There are high quality best books available for intermediate and advanced learners of Russian language with affordable pricing, though Russian courses are very expensive but books are available at affordable or discounted prices. There are books available for all levels- Beginners, Intermediate or Advanced. To start with learning of Russian language, it’s better to start with the basics, utilizing children text-books and listen audio for better pronunciation, which also helps to read and understand.

Russian Best Books For Learning

  • Bukvar: This book is ideal book for all Russian learners and contains all the important keys of learning this language. This book is written by N.S. Zhukova who is a trusted author of many Russian learning books
  • Russian Step by Step for Children: Workbook: This book is first series primarily made for non-Russian speakers or who are having limited knowledge of Russian It also consists of workbook material for practice divided into 4 sections- Primary Course, grammar Skills, Answer key, dictionary
  • Russian Step by Step for Children: Workbook 2
  • Russian Step by Step for Children: Workbook 3: This book concentrates mainly on forming masculine and feminine nouns, verb conjugations for present tense, possessive pronouns etc.
  • Russian Picture Word Book
  • The New Penguin Russian Course: A Complete Course for Beginners: this book includes 30 lessons with revision exercises and help to gain knowledge in both conversational language and correct Russian grammar. It is also one of the best traditional Russian language textbook.
  • Russian- Learn Russian- In Days, Not Years by Tania Johnson: The Secrets to Language Learning, Russian Phrases & Speaking Russian: It’s a compact lesson plan which includes symbols and sounds of Russian language
  • Russian Grammar in Context: A well organised book with conversational exercises, grammatical applications etc.
  • Learn Russian: An interactive language learning website including dialogues with audio, exercises, grammatical explanations and texts. It also contains sections on alphabets, grammar tables, pronunciation etc.
  • Russian Complete course book
  • Ruslan Russian is a best series of excellent grammar books and CD’s which helps a lot in gaining knowledge.
  • Russian Full Circle: A First Year Russian Text Book
  • Russian for Dummies

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