Best Books for B.Arch Entrance Exam 2019 For All Subjects

Bachelor of Architecture is a well-known undergraduate bachelor degree program in Architecture, and the art of designing, planning, construction etc. comes under study of Architecture. The duration of this course is 5 yrs. It is a technical course focusing on the development of skills like drawing, writing etc. to become an architect. The test comprises of Aptitude Test, Maths test, Drawing Test. A separate drawing sheet is given to candidates for drawing exam. The test measures the observation and drawing skills, critical thinking ability, aesthetic sensitivity etc. The B.Arch. Engineering courses includes B.Arch. Landscape Architecture, B.Arch. (Building & Construction Management), B.Arch. (Architecture & Regional Planning). There are many working areas in Academic Institutes, Museums & Art Galleries, Construction Companies, and Self- employment (design or consultancy).

Different Bachelor of Architecture Job types include Architecture Data Analyst, Retail Interior Designer, Architecture Draftsman, Teacher or Lecturer, Projects Assistant Manager, Architecture Technical Assistant etc. NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture) exam is conducted by Council of Architecture. Different programs are conducted like Bachelor of Architecture Program, Executive Master of Architecture Program and many more.  There are various best books suggested for preparation which are as follows:

B.Arch Best Books For Preparation

*A Complete Self Study Guide for B.Arch. Entrance Exam by PK Mishra

This book covers 4 sections- Analytical Reasoning, Architecture Aptitude, Drawing Aptitude and Mathematics. Each section has many chapters with questions and examples.

*Guide to B.Arch. Entrance Examinations with Solved Papers by GKP

*NATA & B.Arch.  (Full Package) by Nata

*Steps to Architecture NATA and JEE Mains Entrance Exam Guide by R Gupta

*NATA & B.Arch. Question Bank by Ar. Shadan Usmani

*NATA & B.Arch Complete Self Study Material: entrance examination by Shadan Usmani

*B.Arch Entrance Examination Guide by Surendra Kavimandan

*Steps to B.Arch. Entrance Exam Paper Guide by Nimish Madan

* The Futurist

*Bachelor of Architecture Entrance Examination

*B.Arch./NATA/JEE (Main) offline drawing test

*Complete Self Study Guide for B.Arch. Entrance Examination

*B.Arch./NATA Architecture Entrance Question Bank

*B.Arch./NATA Complete Self Study Material for Entrance Examination.

As a dedicated and aspiring student of architecture, candidates must prepare well for exams as lots of study materials are also available and online E-book learning is also a best choice besides books. Practice makes a man perfect; aspirants must do tremendous practices of questions banks, sample papers which are available on lots of websites. The book by Nimish Madan contains an exhaustive study of drawings (memory), 2D composition, 3D composition, photos of international/national buildings. It also serves a very beneficial and good option for aptitude and architecture awareness. All the aspiring candidates appearing in the B.Arch. entrance exam must consult these books together with all the guidelines and definitely will achieve success and clearly get through the exam. All the best for prosperous and a very bright future. Good Luck.

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