Sample Question Paper Download For AP Mahesh Cooperative Bank PO Exam

AP Mahesh Co-Operative Urban Bank Limited is one of the leading banks in the southern states of India and has given the information to recruit young and talented individuals for the post of Probationary Officers. Most of the aspirants have already filled the applications and are now in full flow of the preparation of the exam. As the exam approaches every candidates is worried about the performance in it, so we have formulated a series of sample question paper based on the AP Mahesh bank syllabus which can help every aspirant to be confident enough to give the exam without any fear.

Sample paper consists of question on aptitude & verbal and nonverbal reasoning with questions on English language & comprehension. We have provided you AP Mahesh Bank PO Sample papers & we hope it will help you to clear the examination but before trying these papers it is mandatory to complete each & every topic of the syllabus with example because PO sample papers contains questions which can be based on the topic which you haven’t covered.

You are doing a great job & try your level best to clear this examination and secure the profile of the job. The download link for the AP Mahesh Bank PO Sample Paper is given at the end of the post. If you want to give any kind of feedback or suggestion then please write in the comment section with your name and correct email address (Easy for us to give you the reply mail with solution).

Question1. Three cubes of a metal are of edges 5 cm, 4 cm & 3cm. All are melted together and from the melted material, another cube is formed. The edge of this cube is

(1) 8 cm

(2) 10 cm

(3) 9 cm

(4) 6 cm

(5) None of these

Question2. Two cars start together in the same direction from the same place. The first goes with a uniform speed of 10 km/h. The second goes at a speed of 8 km/h in the first hour and increases its speed by 0.5 km with each succeeding hour. After how many hours will the second car overtake the first one, if both go non-stop?

(1) 9 hours

(2) 5 hours

(3) 7 hours

(4) 8 hours

(5) None of these

AP Mahesh Bank PO Study material LOOK

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