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AIPVT Chemistry Previous Papers are the best preparation material which prepares you best for the exam. These guide you well that how the questions are asked in exam and what kind of preparations have to be done so that you can beat the competition of the exam by scoring much above the cut off marks.

Q1: Helium oxygen mixture is used by deep sea divers in preference to nitrogen- oxygen mixture because-

  1. Helium is much less soluble in blood than nitrogen
  2. Nitrogen is much less soluble in blood than helium
  3. Due to high pressure deep under the sea nitrogen and oxygen react to give poisonous nitric oxide
  4. Nitrogen is highly soluble in water

Q2: Which among the following statements is correct with respect to optical isomers?

  1. Enantiomers are non- superimposable mirror image
  2. Diastereomers are superimposable mirror image
  3. Enantiomers are superimposable mirror images
  4. Meso forms have no plane of svmmett

Q3: Which of following reaction doesn’t support the acidic nature of alkyne?

  1. Reaction with ammoniacal silver salt
  2. Reaction with metallic sodium
  3. Reaction with HBr
  4. Reaction with Grignard reagent

Q4: A diabetic person carries 1 packet of glucose with him always, because

  1. Glucose reduces the blood sugar level slowly
  2. Glucose increases the blood sugar level slowly
  3. Glucose reduces the blood sugar level
  4. Glucose increases the blood sugar level almost instantaneously

For further questions of Chemistry, AIPVT Previous papers of chemistry PDF are given below. Preview the question papers and even you download the papers to practice questions later. For any queries related to Previous Year Question Papers of Chemistry, write us in Comment section. Stay tuned with Facebook page to get recent updates on each article.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3

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