AIPVT Biology Previous Year Question Papers Download PDF

AIPVT or All India Pre Veterinary Test is being conducted so as to select the best candidates. For all subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Biology previous papers can be used to do preparation of exam. AIPVT Biology Previous Year Question Paper Download link is provided for the PDF files so that you can keep them with you and practice the questions to get improved performance.

Q1: The pioneers in field of organic evolution are-

  1. Karl Landsteiner, Hugo de Vries, Malthus, Darwin
  2. Darwin, Lamarck, Hugo de Vries, Huxley
  3. Lamarck, Karl Landsteiner, Malthus, Hugo de Vries
  4. Darwin, Lamarck, Karl Landsteiner, Hugo de Vries

Q2: Mark the correct sequence-

  1. Anthesis, Meiosis, Pollination, Syngamy
  2. Pollination, Meiosis, Anthesis, Syngamy
  3. Anthesis, Pollination, Meiosis, Syngamy
  4. Anthesis, Meiosis, Pollination Syngamy

Q3: In plants glycolate metabolism takes place in-

  1. Low concentration of CO2
  2. High concentration of CO2
  3. Low concentration of oxygen
  4. Absence of oxygen

Q4: The nucleus is separated from surrounding cytoplasm by a nuclear membrane, which is-

  1. Single layered without pores
  2. double layered with pores
  3. Single layered with pores
  4. double layered without pores

Q5: Members of phylum porifera are-

  1. exclusively marine animals
  2. exclusively fresh water animals
  3. mostly fresh water animals but few are marine animals
  4. mostly marine animals but few are fresh water animals

These are just sample questions; full set of question papers can be attained from below. AIPVT Previous Year Question Papers of Biology contains the questions from Class 11th & Class 12th which have been studied by you. The same books can be referred for the preparation of this exam. Still if you find any problem, please write us in comment section so that we can help you.

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3

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