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There are several important competitive exams for different purposes. Same is AIPMT Exam, which is the All Indian Pre Medical/Dental Test is the very important paper for all medical students. For this, the previous year papers of AIPMT Mains exam are provided below as per which the preparations for exam can be done. AIPMT Mains Old Papers download with solutions will help to score good in exam.

Question1. Red precipitate is obtained when ethanol solution of dimethyl glyoxime is added to ammoniacal Ni(II). Which of the following statements is not true?

(1)Dimethyl glyoxime functions as bidentate ligand

(2)Red complex has a square planar geometry

(3)Complex has symmetrical H-bonding

(4)Red complex has a tetrahedral geometry

Question2. A test cross is carried out to

(1) Determine whether two species or varieties will breed successfully

(2) Determine the genotype of a plant at F2

(3) Predict whether two traits are linked

(4) Assess the number of alleles of a gene

Question3. Which one of the following biomolecules is correctly characterized?

(1)Alanine amino acid – Contains an amino group and an acidic group anywhere in the molecule

(2)Licithin – a phosphorylated glyceride found in cell membrane

 (3)Palmitic acid – an unsaturated fatty acid with 18 carbon atoms

(4)Adenylic acid – adenosine with a glucose phosphate molecule

Question4. Which one of the following categories of animals, is correctly described with no single exception in it?

(1)All mammals are viviparous and possess diaphragm for breathing

(2)All reptiles possess scales, have a three chambered heart and are cold blooded (poikilothermal)

(3)All bony fishes have four pairs of gills and an operculum on each side

(4)All sponges are marine and have collared cells

Question5. Which one of the following statements is correct with respect to immunity?

(1)Rejection of a kidney graft is the function of B-lymphocytes

(2)Preformed antibodies need to the injected to treat the bite by a viper snake

(3)The antibodies against small pox pathogen are produced by T-lymphocytes

(4)Antibodies are protein molecules, each of which has four light chains

Question6. The ratio of amplitude of magnetic field to the amplitude of electric field for an electromagnetic wave propagating in vacuum is equal to

(1) Unity

(2) The speed of light in vacuum

(3) Reciprocal of speed of light in vacuum

(4) The ratio of magnetic permeability to the electric susceptibility of vacuum

Question7. Which one of the following statements is wrong?

(1)Intine is made up of cellulose and pectin

(2)When pollen is shed at two-celled stage, double fertilization does not take place

(3)Vegetative cell is larger than generative cell

(4)Pollen grains in some plants remain viable for months

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