Important Books For AIPMT Exam- Phy,Chem,Biology Preparation Details

AIPMT exam is the most important competitive exam for the medical pursuing students. So, they really try hard to score the best in exam. AIPMT preparation is the very career orienting goal for the applicants. So, for this AIPMT Preparation Books list is provided as per which the schedule can be planned to study. There are 3 sections of exam- Physics, Chemistry, Biology. There can be questions from different areas of biology. So, for the different subjects the books are listed below.

You might be wondering what advantage will these books provide? The answer is simple which means that the practice medium will be easily available with you. AIPMT Exam Preparation Books will help you clear all the concepts for the exam. And, this will only help in solving questions of various types in exam.

AIPMT Preparation Books For Physics-

  • Problems in Physics by A A Pinsky
  • Fundamental of Physics by David Halliday
  • HC Verma
  • Feynman Lectures on Physics
  • 27 years AIPMT Chapterwise Explorer- Physics
  • LA Sena (A Collection of questions & problems in Physics)
  • A Book of Physics by IR Irodov
  • Fundamental Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker (Wiley Publisher)
  • Objective Physics for Medical Entrance Exam by D.C. Pandey- Arihant Publications

AIPMT Preparation Books For Chemistry-

  • 27 years AIPMT 2014 Chapterwise Explorer- Chemistry
  • Books on Chemistry by- R C Mukherjee, P Bahadur, Bruce H Mahan, O P Tandon, J D Leee, Morrison, Solomons, Peter Sykes

AIPMT Preparation Books For Biology-

  • 27 years AIPMT Chapterwise Explorer- Biology
  • Complete AIPMT Guide- Biology for AIPMT 2015
  • Trueman’s Elementary Biology for Class 11th
  • Genetics by Strickberger or Vir Bala Rastogi
  • AC Dutta for Botany

There are various books other than these available in market for AIPMT Exam. But, these books will provide you the best of knowledge which is required for the exam. Studying the course from these can help you score above cut off for the exam.

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