Air Force AFCAT Previous Question Papers With Solutions PDF

AFCAT or Air Force Common Admission Test Exam is being conducted twice a year. AFCAT Previous Year Question Papers will help you to prepare for exam in a better way so that you can give the best performance. AFCAT Last Year Papers are provided below with the corresponding links. The questions in the exam are asked from different contexts and so the applicants should know them. Some sample questions that have been the part of AFCAT are given below which have been part of exam in old years.

AFCAT Previous Question Papers

Question1. In a certain code language EDITION is written as IDETNOI. How will the word MEDICAL be written in that code language?

  2. LACJM

Question2. There are four roads. You are coming from South and want to go to the temp1e The road to your left leads away from coffee house. The front straight road leads to the college only. In which direction is the temple located?

  1. North
  2. South
  3. East
  4. West

Question3. There are six flats on a floor in two rows facing north and south allotted to six persons P, Q, R, S, T and U. The position of their flats is as follows—

  1. Q’s flat faces the north and is not next to S.
  2. S and U have occupied diagonally opposite flats.
  3. R next to U occupied a flat facing the south and T gets a flat which faces the north.

Question4. Each of the following questions has four statements. Three are logically correct. Some of which may look factually absurd. Ignore this absurdity and look to the logical corrections. Choose the statement which is wrong or doubtful:

  1. Birds fly in the air. Trees are birds. Therefore, trees fly in the air.
  2. Some boys steal. All who steal are naughty. All naughty are honest. Therefore, some boys are honest
  3. All girls like dance. Some girls are Indian. All Indians are artists. Therefore, some artists like dance.
  4. All liars are not thieves. All thieves are criminals. Therefore, all liars are criminals.

Question5. There were 24 students in a class. One of them, who was 18 years old, left the class and his place was filled up by a new comer. If the average of the class was thereby lowered by 1 month, the age of new comer is-

(a) 14 years

(b) 15 years

(c) 16 years

(d) 17 years

AFCAT Previous Year Question Paper Download PDF

 Paper 1  Paper 2  Paper 3  Paper 4 


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